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Serra do Tabuleiro State Park

This place is the biggest preserved area of native Atlantic Forest in the State of Santa Catarina, it has a mild humid subtropical climate and it has countless waterfalls. The region is part of a huge system of lakes along the cost.

Archaeological Site

There is an archaeological site, known as Sambaqui, it is located at a point in the sand of Gamboa beach, you can also find cave paintings on the rocks of Ilha do Coral.

Those historical signs prove the trace of ancestral pre-Columbian villages from more than 7,000 years ago. Therefore, many stories, legends, myths and mysteries are enclosed in this opencast museum.

Rural Area

The inn is located in the border of two townships, Garopoba and Paulo Lopes. This place is characterized by environmental preservation, it has strong rural customs, and a fishing small village with hundreds of people from Azorean origin that still exists. This location joins Gamboa beach with the green grass and the wet lowlands full of cattle where they graze, making up a unique and bucolic landscape, genuine from the catarinense littoral. Here there are hills, literally, against the sea!

Ilha do Coral

Ilha do Coral stands out in the center of the sea landscape in Gamboa beach. It was called Villa Coral Inn as a tribute. There is a lighthouse that signs seagoing navigation. It gave shelter to a hermit, who took care of it for 35 years. Boat tours and diving up to the lighthouse can be done departing from the downtown of Garopaba.

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