'Baleia com filhote', foto de Cristiano Agrifóglio e Nery Prux.
"Baleia com filhote", photo by Cristiano Agrifóglio and Nery Prux.

The Sea

The cove of Gamboa beach is an environmental preserved area (APA) of right whales. It is the perfect place for whales watching through Eco-tourism.

The main attractive of the beach is the Gamboa Sea, which offers an astonishing sea view of Ilha do Coral. There, a lighthouse gave shelter to a hermit for 35 years.

Mullet fishing starts in May and allows to follow closely the fishermen work, their nets and boats. You can also taste their delicious traditional recipes.

The show of right whales can be watched in July, during wintertime. The whales give birth to its whale calves and stay in the area for 4 months.

Garopaba is considered the surfing Brazilian capital and Gamboa beach presents excellent conditions to practice this sport when there is south wind with east undulation.

The Hills

The area offers colorful characteristics because it combines the hills breeze coming from the Atlantic Forest with the seashore. Here there are hills against the sea!

Gamboa beach and the surroundings are part of the environmental preserved area (APA) in the coastal area of Serra do Tabuleiro.

Gamboa beach is located in the environmental preserved area, in the border of Serra do Tabuleiro State Park, where the biggest ecological reserve encompasses the main ecosystems that exist in Santa Catarina state.

Preserved native vegetation has large amounts of birds species, mammals, reptiles, insects, etc. There are also bromeliads, orchids, cactus, and others typical species from the Atlantic Forest. Paths and roads of the area lead to hills, waterfalls, forests, sand dunes and semi desert beaches inviting you to Eco-tourism and to appreciate the nature.